Sunday, April 19, 2009


Did the same exact 4 mile NYRR race today in central park that I did 2 weeks ago. I did 31:22, or about 18 seconds slower this time. I wasn't supposed to do this race, but since I had to do an hour run anyways, why not phone this one in and complete race #7/9? Since I have my half marathon next weekend, I did a 2 mile warmup, then did a 7:51 average for 4 miles, then a 2 mile cool down.

The cool thing was that I finished the final 2 miles "like whatever, I guess I could keep going" but I had to get back. So I think I will be fine for next weekend if 8 miles with half of them @ a sub 8 min/mile pace is a no biggie run anymore! Wow has my running improved in a year!


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