Monday, April 27, 2009

back in the pool

Did a 1300 yarder at lunch today. My legs feel great considering yesterday's half marathon. I did 200 yards of kicking and my legs actually weren't achy at all. Weird!

We pushed it a bit harder in the pool today. We ended with 2 X 200 sets with some effort. I finished the first one and my arms were shot. My coworker convinced me to do another, and this time I had enough gas left at the last 25 that I was able to put some heat on and finish strong.

My confidence in the pool is building more and more.....finally!

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  1. wooo for a great swim ! I'm jealous - I wish I could swim at lunch but the whole shower/ wet hair/ need to reapply make up would take too long.

    do you have funny goggle marks when you get back to work? hehe


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