Thursday, April 23, 2009

i got slaughtered

I absolutely punished myself on the bike tonight. I mean utterly obliterated my legs!

The ride was kind of a soap opera with a lot of ups and downs. I did 28.65 miles over 1:43:11, for a 16.45 mph average. Overall, not a super fast ride, but that was due to some steep hills towards the end that just killed me. I realized on this ride that climbing on my time trial bike is a lot harder than my road bike. I think this bike is a lot heavier to to the aero setup in the front, and the frame is aluminum instead of carbon.

The goal of this ride was to hit some flat sections of road on my time trial bike to put in some threshold pace work and to use my powerTap to gage my effort levels. I tried to keep my wattage at 220 watts for as long as possible. I did well actually. Watching my wattage influenced my gear selection and actually kept me really consistent including my cadence. I felt good!

One thing that I realized was that when going downhill, my wattage will drop signifigantly, so I really need to increase my gearing to compensate.

Now for the hill!

So I sorta kinda got confused as to which turn I had to take so I went the way that I thought I should have gone (which ended up being the correct way in the end), but I wound up going up this REALLY steap hill. Look here (yes, those pitches are in the teens....i don't think it was 20%, but it was definately over 10%):

So I went up 1/4 of it before I realized I was gonna hurt REALLY bad if I went up this thing, so I turned around and tried to go the other way around. Unfortunately a bridge was out so the only other way to up to the top of this hill was a long long round about way that would have taken too long. Sooooo after getting to the road block, I turned around and proceeded to swallow my ego and climb the stupid hill. I got up it and thought of going up Mont Ventoux the entire time. This thing was 1/4 mile long. I did this same pitch for 15 miles. Man I can't climb on the TT bike!

As for the flats towards the middle of the ride, I am proud to say that I was able to hold a 25 mph average for 15 mins!


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