Sunday, April 5, 2009

new 4 mile PR

4 miles, 31:04/ 7:46 min/miles.

Considering my 40+ miler yesterday, I had a successful morning in Central Park. I did a longer warmup and that helped a lot. Also, I looked down at my watch each mile to see how I was doing. I held that 7:46 min/mile pace from start to finish! Between mile 2 and 3 my legs were starting to go, but they came back for the final mile.

I bested my previous 4 mile time by 1:32, or decreased my pace at this distance by 23 seconds. It was the same course, and similar weather, so this was a direct comparison. I'll call that improvement!

and my performace today was right in line with my new heart rate zones chart:

Zone4: 167 - 186 BPM or 6:15 - 7:54 min/mile pace:

I came in 186/434 in my age group or in the 42nd percentile. This was a large race, with 5739 total runners.

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  1. I'd call that a HUGE improvement !! very nice race *esp* after that ride yest. congrats !


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