Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1:45/100 pace in the pool

Tonight was the last of 10 classes in my swim clinic. To finish things off, we did a 500 yard time trial to see how we are doing. I did 500 yards in 8:43, or ~1:45/100 pace at an average of 19 strokes/length.

I'll take that! That would come out to a 15:30 for a half mile swim.

For my first sprint this year, which is coming up in a little under 6 weeks, anything under 16 mins for the swim will be a success for me.

This season has been utter frustration in the pool. BUT! I am NOT giving up on it and I feel like I have made some serious progress in the past 3 weeks.

I need to work on the timing of my pull. I am still rotating my body before I start my pull. I just need to not keep my arm out so far (which is basically a catch up stroke) and start my pull sooner. This of course is one of MANY things that I need to work on.


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