Sunday, April 26, 2009

hot as hell half marathon

Its April 26th, and its 90 degrees outside! WHHHHHHAAAATTTT!!!!

For the half marathon this morning, it was in the 70's at the start and in the 80's at the finish. Thats not really hot actually, but! when you are training in 50-60 degree weather and then you race in temps 20-30 degrees higher, its gonna take a toll! I mean, you body is just not used to that kind of heat yet.

I did 2:00:10......doh! 11 seconds too slow! haha.....i don't really care about not breaking 2 hours. I know I am capable of a sub 2 hour half marathon. The first mile was crowded on a narrow path so the bottleneck effect right there cost me 20 seconds over the first mile.

It was a challenging course, with this beast at the end of mile 9:

My mile splits are as follows:

0:57 (last .1)

I feel great right now actually. I hurt a LOT worse after my first half marathon last October, which I did over 2 mins slower. My feet hurt at the end, but that was mostly due to a couple of blisters on the outside of the ball of my right foot....i got those from running downhill actually.

This is a great addition to my running base for the upcoming season, which starts in 4 weeks!

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  1. 70s-80s IS hot, regardless of what you've been training in, but yeah, I hear you. that looks like one helluva course !


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