Friday, April 3, 2009

its the head position, stupid!

Man, what a difference in the pool tonight! This season for some reason I have been swimming with my head tucked WAY too low in the water, which essential sinks me and causes me to swim COMPLETELY underwater, which is BAD! B . A . D ! BAD! BAAAAAAAAD!!!!

So I posted a video of me swimming to the forum and a lot of people gave me some awesome feedback. The first thing that stood out was my head position and that I was tucking it. So tonight in the pool I raised it and INSTANTLY I was swimming on the water and not under it. I felt like I was FLYING through the water.

Another thing that I would do is upon hand entry, I would rotate my hands and stick me thumbs straight up, which drops me elbows. ANOTHER BAD!!!! Easy enough, just keep your hands flat or pinky down. There. done. not so hard, right? Well actually a lot harder than you think because I would forget from time to time.

Basically tonight's swim was like restarting my swim season all over again.

Ahhhhhhh, I feel better. I have actually been quite stressed out over this!


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