Monday, February 2, 2009

went outdoors today!

It hit 48 degrees today and it was sunny with little wind, which means......

I went outside today! I did a slow paced 24 miler over 90 something mins. My legs were pretty trashed from yesterday's race. Wait, I did a race yesterday? It already feels a week!

My power graph for today's ride is nuts:

I did hit a peak power of 801 watts going up the hill to work. I stood up and cranked it pretty hard....745 watts is one horsepower, so I am proud to say that I put out 1.0751677852348993288590604026846 horsepower!

Then tonight I hopped into the pool for 38 mins. I was doing mostly kick on my back drills and I used my paddles for some 50's. Man they make a HUGE difference!


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