Sunday, February 1, 2009

my fastest run pace EVER

This morning's chilly 4 mile race around central park was a fast one for me. I did 32:40 over 4.05 miles, or an 8:04 min/mile pace average. That is the fastest I have EVER gone by 25 seconds. The run hurt like heck, but at least that hurting turned into some speed!

I started a bit smarter this morning by picking up my bib early but then hunkering down in a Starbucks up on 96th street. Then with 40 mins till race time I ran from 96th to the start on 72nd street, or a 1.4 mile warmup. I felt suuuuuuper slow during the warmup, but it was enough to get the blood going.

I started this race in a faster corral to avoid the slow people getting in the way. Even in the faster corral it was the same story all over again, except it was WORSE this time! WTF!?!? I might start in an ever FASTER corral next race. Why do people who run 10 to 11 min/mile paces say that they run 8:30 min/mile paces? It doesnt make sense!

After the race I walked across the park then ran from 76th street to 86th street to cool down. My warmdown was at a faster pace than my warmup and my heart race was slower. Amazing what happens when your muscles are greased and ready to go.

My mile splits went as follows:

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