Wednesday, February 18, 2009

short run, hard swim

First, I had ZERO motivation this morning to run. 22 degrees made me not want to outdoors, so I stayed inside on the dreadmill. I got about 15 mins through it and called it quits. Two straight 9 hour weeks just takes it out of you, especially this early in the season. I had no regrets about calling it a short run.

Second, tonight was part 2/10 of my swim clinic. There are a lot of fast swimmers in this clinic, especially all of them! i.e. I am the slowest :)

Its cool though, gives me something to shoot for....that is not be the slowest swimmer.

The video showed that I am dropping my elbows upon entry into the water and into the reach. This is because I am not digging my arms deep enough upon entry. If I can first fix entry to be more downward, this will set me up for a better catch and pull. Fist drilling here we come!


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