Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kettlebells are back and outdoors on the bike

Kettlebells returned this morning. Already I noticed a difference in my strength. A lot of the moves were easier and my technique was better as well. This one move that you do, where you hold the kettlebell in your hand and hold it straight armed straight up above your head, then you work your way down to a laying down position, then stand back up, all the while keeping that kettle bell straight up. I used to dread doing this move before, but this time I pumped out about 5 or 6 on each arm no prob.

Then we moved to "manmakers". Yeah....they HURT! You take 2 20-25 lb kettlebells arm widths apart on the ground, then you get into a pushup position on them, squat thrust, pushup, one arm lift, squat thrust (without going back to pushup position) cling and press, then back down and repeat 10X. OUCH!

I was feeling it pretty well after that workout.

Then that afternoon I got out during my lunch break for an easy easy 10 miler with a coworker. It helped spin my legs out, but it didn't help get my back sorted out, which became more and more sore during the day. Not as bad as last time!


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