Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a punishing swim

This swim class is making me work hard! Yeah it sucks, but its needed to finally kick my ass into swimming shape, something I never really got into last season. I now know what its like to swim 3 different speeds. Slow, medium, and fast. Now the fast speed is fast for me, and not very fast for experienced swimmers, but nontheless its faster for me.

a 55 second 50 yard pace is good for slow (60 seconds is even better)
45 second 50 is a good pace for medium, and not sustainable
40 second 50's are REALLY fast for me and can only be done on 50's

my fastest 25 yard all out pace was 19 seconds.

So besides speed, my form still sucks. I am still dropping my elbows.

So I need to do uber amounts of fist and one arm drills. In other words, I am not starting my pull until I am already 25% through my rotation, which means I am losing 1/4 of my pull. Thats too much!

Drills here we go. Even though I still need to put in some bulk yardage to get my endurance up to snuff.


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