Monday, February 23, 2009

toasty legs and a busy pool

Swimming in the morning is great because I can get the swim done and over with for the day, except my pool is really busy in the AM. I shared a lane with a woman who almost didn't let me share the lane. B*!@*!

My legs are still really toasty from Saturday. I did a short 30 min strength workout after the swim. I think running for 10 mins helped loosen me up a bit. Tomorrow night's spin class is gonna hurt. I just know it!

Oh and I didn't have to do a strength workout this morning; I soon realized this when I tried to log my data, and there was no place to log it! thats what you get when you are on a schedule and you start an easy week....oops!

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  1. nice workout!
    I had a bitchy girl in MY lane too today! I got to the pool at 6:00 am and there was one person in each lane. I put my legs in the lap lane while I was getting my goggles/ cap on -- hoping she would see my legs and move over. When she DIDN'T I put my arms in the water and waved at her. She FINALLY moved over. ugh.


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