Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no spin class, but rather an hour spin

My legs just won't fix themselves. I am feeling some deep soreness.

So tonight I am not going to spin class. I did a 60 min spin on the trainer this morning:

I stayed in the low - med low wattage range. I'd start in a gear @ around 80-85 rpm for about 15 mins, and by that point me legs were loose enough that I'd go up another gear @ 80-85 RPM until I naturally built up to 90 RPM, then up another gear and repeat. I think if I had to do a long ride like his, I'd see how far I could go before I couldn't go any higher.


This is a recovery week, so I am gonna treat it as a recovery week, cuz usually my ego gets in the way and whenever I feel good, I will try to go harder than I really should. Why rest when my legs feel good? Well they don't feel good so I am gonna rest. Yeah my legs are trashed, but they arent so trashed that I could even go for a nice easy 5K run tomorrow morning. NOPE! gonna rest instead...

Swim class tomorrow night. I am moving over to the slow lane. I hope I feel more comfortable over there.

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  1. as much as we KNOW that rest is good --- it just seems to make more sense that working out is BETTER. definitely rest those legs!


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