Friday, February 20, 2009

an uplifting swim

I have been really depressed after Wednesday's swim. I realized that swimming 2X per week was just not cutting it, and its not that I was slow @ Wednesday's class, it was that I am OUT OF SHAPE in the pool!

So this morning I said f*&^ it and hopped into the pool and swam 1800 yards, or 1 mile and slight change (more like a few pennies). It felt arms are sore, but it was needed. And I need to do this longer endurance swim at least 1X/week. Drills are cool, but the type of drills that I was doing was giving me too much rest or not enough conistent yardage without stopping. I did a sort of ladder during the swim:
4 X 100
4 X 150
4 X 200

Hopefully this extra long swim will start to pay off in the next few weeks.

Take that pool!

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  1. Remember, drill sets are to work on form, not build fitness. You don't want be tired during the drill sets or you'll sacrifice technique.

    I did an intense main set yesterday. After a WU, I did 3 sets of 4 x 50 with 200 kick with fins in between as recovery.

    First set of 50 was steady. on 60 seconds I could hold at about 45 to 46 seconds. The second set was decending so I started at about47 and managed about a 44 on my third. The last set was where I tried to get as close to puking as I could. All oyt, but on 1:15, so I could get about 30 seconds rest. I managed about 42 to 44 on all 4 of these.

    This is a good short on time, lunch swim for me.


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