Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a hard week so far

Monday morning I did some strength which was a quick workout of maybe 20-25 mins. I was wiped Monday night, so no swim, which I bumped till Tuesday AM.

So Tuesday AM with a ton of sleep, I had zero motivation to get to the pool, but I went anyways and had to share a lane until one opened up. I moved over, swam a bit, until grandma, who was loaded with stinky, perfume hopped in (without asking!). I hopped out quickly and called my swim done early.

Then last night we were put through the ringer again on the bike through these 7, 30 second increasing intensity intervals. We started out @ threshold pace for 30 seconds, then increased the intensity over 7 notches until the 7th interval was all out. We were almost puking by the end. Then he threw 2 more 15 second all out intervals on top of that! Then we did 6 min @ threshold pace with 30 second ups and 15 second all outs.

I felt like I had been climbing for 3 hours after that workout.

Finally, this morning I got outside for a 3.35 mile recovery run. I felt sore @ first which was expected, but it never went away. I actually felt the worst and most sore by the end of it. Now my hamstrings are totally shot.

Tonight I have my next swim clinic starts. Hopefully swimming will loosen my legs back up.

Then tomorrow AM first thing I have kettles and bells class. "Its paaaaaarty time!"


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