Sunday, February 8, 2009

long(er) outdoor ride and a suprise long week

Did 2 hours or a 30 mile ride this morning in some really nice 50 degree weather. I was riding with 2 others who were on their first ride of the season, so we went easier. I did hit a hill where I put out a max of 809 watts. haha!

Here is my graph:

and route with elevation:

And for the week I put in over 9 hours of work, with that being 3400 yards (not great), 80 miles of riding (improving) and 20 miles of running (new record). Things are ramping up, finally, and I can already feel myself going longer, except in the pool, which is a different matter and I think is more mental than physical. I am starting my next swim workshop this Wednesday, so that will hopefully get the motivational juices flowing in the pool.


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