Thursday, February 19, 2009

squeak! squeak! squeak!

thats the sound of my new rear tire on the trainer. its really annoying.

I was up @ the crack of stupid this morning to do a short strength workout.

5 min run warm up
5 min run warmdown

Then onto the trainer for 30 solid minutes. I put in a really strong recovery ride, all the while keeping in the recovery zone:

I averaged 140 watts over the 30 mins vs last week's same recovery ride was @ 117 watts for 30 mins. A 23 watt difference while at the same perceived effort is a good thing. Either I am more recovered or I am stronger. I'll go half way on that one, cuz I better be stronger and I better be recovered, or else my 5K on saturday is gonna suck!

Speaking of which, I think I am going to give myself a goal on this one...finish in under 24 mins.

Can I?

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  1. Hey, a couple of days aho, I posted a video link of Lance doing a lactate threshold test, and it said his power at LT Heart Rate increased by 25 watts since his last test during the Astana training camp.

    You were 23 watts, Maybe you are ready for team astana as well:)

    Great work.


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