Monday, January 26, 2009

a swim and a "feeling"

Did a 30 min swim tonight and I accomplish 1150 yards, with a 3rd of those as drills.

My quads are pretty sore today after yesterday's run. So the kicking drills during tonight's swim made my legs ache, especially my left knee. Its good helps loosen em up and to get the soreness out.

I had a "feeling" tonight that I hadn't really felt before while swimming. It was when I went for the "reach" part of the stroke and I felt my lat muscle engage on my right side. I mean I REALLY felt it engage. So this is what my coach has been talking about so much. I think I felt it every now and then when we would practice stretching out arms up a wall out of the water, but I wasn't quite sure. Well tonight I DEFINATELY felt it. That just means that I am getting my maximum reach and engaging that muscle to do the pulling.

So for my next swim on Wednesday, that will be my goal to engage that muscle and to also engage that muscle on the left side as well.

I think my left arm cross over is getting better as is my right elbow recovery. I am feeling a lot smoother in the pool and a bit stronger as well. I have been doing this same workout every monday night and usually I end up with 1050 yards...tonght I was able to get in an extra 100 in the same time. Also, my warmup of 450 yards was easier than any night this year so far. My swimming endurance is slowly creeping back!


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