Saturday, January 31, 2009

January month in review

Wow, month #1 is already in the books.....that FLEW by! So I did the following:
11050 yards swimming
177 mile biking
35 miles running
3 hours of strength

thats not a lot for 24 total hours of work. Those #'s will go up signifigantly though. I think this was a good first "ease in" month. Next weekend though the REAL base training will begin such as a 90 min outdoor bike followed by a 1:15 hour run the following day. Then those #'s will increase into February with a 2 hour outdoor bike followed by a 1:30 run the following day. I just know that that is gonna be a pain-filled weekend, but I also know that I am gonna start to see HUGE performance changes following that. I am REALLY looking foward to getting back into those longer steadier workouts. BRING IT ON!

Oh and tomorrow @ 9AM in the freazing cold I will be running my second race in central park. This one is only 4 miles. I hope it warms up with no wind! I was down near Union Squre this evening and it was just bitterly cold out, especially in the wind.


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