Thursday, January 8, 2009

ran outside

This time my run outside went a LOT better. I have NO idea why that last 3.5 mile outdoor run last week whipped me so badly. I ran 4.62 miles this morning in about 42:27, or about a 9:11 min/mile. I was tired by the end, but right now I feel only a little sore.

I used my Garmin for the first time, and I was basically figuring out how to use the thing as I walked during my warmup. When I was about to start running I was hitting the "Start" button and nothing was happening. I quickly figured out I had to go into the "Training" mode, then hit "Start." So disaster averted, I went on my run and tried to keep it as easy as possible.

I only sorta slipped once on the ice, and had to navigate out into the middle of the road a few times because the sides of the road were pretty icy in some spots.

I am ready for the 5 miler on Saturday. As of right now its supposed to snow. I am not planning on putting in a personal best anyways....just wanting to finish @ this point!


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