Sunday, January 11, 2009

post race, on the trainer

I feel fine post race. I guess I could have gone harder yesterday? Man I am so mad at myself for just thinking that my watch was going to automagically pick up my HRM. I really wanted that HR data.

This morning I hopped on the trainer for 60 mins, and no longer than that. BORING!

video out into your TV, then I use my noise Fortunately I have "The Office," Season 5 from iTunes. I bought a cord that will take your iPodcanceling headphones and I can't hear the trainer and I can hear and see my show perfectly. That was a necessay expense because I am going to be spending a lot of quality time on that thing. Still definately easier to pass time on that than the dreadmill.

I had to mix it up @ one point cuz it was getting really monotonous. The good news is is that at the point I had been increasing speed, cadence, and power gradually, so I was getting looser.

Here is the graph:


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