Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it has begun!

with the first spin class of the year. It wasn't too too bad tonight. I think I could have tightened up the resistance one more turn as during the hardest intervals I ran out of gears, and was only pushing ~250 watts. Yeah, there could have definately been a lot more resistance.

Good to be back on the bike. I still wish I could be outdoors....

My coach has got me on training peaks. He can update my workouts on the fly, I see em, do em, then report with data. Pretty awesome! There is a lot to it and I think its gonna take a bit to get used to all of its features, especially sharing workout data.

Also, I bought the Garmin 405 Forerunner, a GPS enabled watch with HRM. It has every bell and whistle I can imagine on it, except for being able to swim with it, which is not biggie. I look forward to using this new toy as well.

And now that I have every toy I could ever imagine having for this super expensive sport, I must now go out and actually start logging some solid data!!!!


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