Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dreadmill run and an asskicker in the pool

this morning's dreadmill run was not bad. I was a bit sore in the hamstring's from last night's spin class, but otherwise fine. I borrowed my friend's Garmin footpod to test once and for all the speed of the treadmill. I was right! The treadmill is displaying slower speeds than what it is actually doing, by about 20-30 seconds! I KNEW I was going faster than what it showed.

I feel better now. I averaged a 9:32 min/mile pace to keep things easy-ish.

Then tonight I just about drowned myself in the pool. 2100 yards in one hour, including about almost half of those yards being drills. I knew I was swimming somewhat correctly tonight because for the first time in my life my lat muscles are sore and I can feel em. Finally!


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