Thursday, January 8, 2009

met with nutrionist, and garmin fun!

I met with Altheus' nutritionist today. Basically I can only consume about 2450 calories a day to promote a 1 pound per week weight loss. My diet so far has been good, I just needed to cut down on portion sizes, and add even more balance to my diet. She also helped me understand why my blood sugar would be so outa wack after eating a piece of food. i.e., I was not eating any protein or fat with that high sugar piece of fruit. 2450 calories is gonna be tough, but I will be using to track those calories. So in 10 weeks, if all goes as planned, I should weight in the 154-155 area, which would be about a 20 pound weight loss since last February. Not bad i'd say...

I got my Garmin all hooked up to my computer and was able to download the data. Looking at it is very very similar to CycleOps Power Agent, but instead of just showing a graph, it shows off a map of my route via the GPS. It also shows the heart rate graph over horizontal bars of my 5 heart rate zones. So for this run, it turned out to be mostly a tempo run since my heart rate was mostly in zone 3.

Awesome stuff! I will get the route and graph uploaded to a site that is publicly viewable.

And finally, my Garmin HRM is compatible with my PowerTap's computer. This is awesome as I can graph an outdoor route via GPS along with power, heart rate, etc.


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