Saturday, January 24, 2009

indoor time trial

I did a 10 mile indoor time trial this morning on the compuTrainer down at Altheus. There were 4 of us hooked up and racing each other. Basically this race was not about tactics, but about how hard you could go and remain at a sustainable pace for ~30 mins. Here is my data:

I ended up finishing in around 28 mins, so I averaged 21.8 mph and 236 watts. My threshold power, as of the Tuesday's power test, is 220 watts. So this is my new baseline and a number that I will want to increase over the next months.

I am starting to notice that biking indoors is ok and maintains things even with doing the hard intervals, but its nothing compared to going outdoors. Even a 90 min outdoor ride I feel gives me a better overall workout then riding indoors for 75 mins while doing hard 4 x 6 min intervals. I think its the variability in the terrain that works ALL of your legs muscle groups that help you become stronger. Its also amazing how after only 1 50 miler how much your legs will snap immediately to a new level. Hopefully I can do this in a few weeks. I have a 4 mile running race next weeekend so a long ride is out of the Q.


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