Wednesday, January 7, 2009

back in the pool

and tonight was actually not that bad. I actually had some endurance!

I put in 1550 yards in about 43 mins and change, which was about half of what I was supposesd to put in. OOPS! This is the first time back in the pool in about 2 weeks, plus I have to run about 5 miles tomorrow, 2 workouts on Friday, then a 5 mile RACE on saturday followed by a 90 min bike on Sunday. I think tonight is not gonna break the bank!

My form in the pool was good when rested. When I started to get tired, I got sloppy. I am happy with tonight. I think a few more weeks and I will be on a better solid footing, if that makes sense.

I'm tired and I need to learn how to use my watch before bed before I get up @ the crack of stupid tomorrow morning for a run.



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