Saturday, January 10, 2009

COLD, but very successful race

I completed my first race of the season, a 5 miler around central park. It was VERY cold, about 24 degrees at the start and even colder before then. I was on the 5:41 train down to 86th street to pick up my race # and timing chip. It was so freaking cold! Although it could have been colder...

When I started my warmup, it was just that, it warmed me up and unfroze my frozen hands. I was in the 4th corral, so when the horn went off, we didn't move. It was ok though. We just walked slowly until we got to the start and we were off! I think I picked a slower corral than I should have, as I was trying to get around everyone. I am gonna move up one corral for the next race.

It could have been a good thing though to be in a slower corral as that kept me from going too hard too soon. My warmup loosened me up, but I wasn't @ 100% yet.

Between miles 2 and 3 I started stripping off clothing because I was fully warmed and overheating. By mile 3 I was at 100% and ready to really go. I picked up my pace a bit and went into auto drive until the end.

I finished in 42:51 over 5 miles, so an 8:32 min/mile pace average. I will take that! Considering a year ago I was just starting the couch to 5K on the dreadmill. I think I will call that some good progress over the course of a year! Not running at all, to belting out 5 miles and not even blinking.

Here is my pace graph:


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