Sunday, January 3, 2010

new dreamill PR, Last week of "Prep"

I ran for 70 mins on the dreadmill this morning to simulate ~7 miles of running. That is a new PR in terms of time spent @ once on a treadmill. It was boring but I went into the "zone"....i.e. zoned out.

Tomorrow I start my last week of "prep." It looks really similar to a base week, but is meant to kick me off of the off season habits and into a more structured week. Next Saturday I already have my first race of the season, the NYRR Fred Lebow Classic, 5 miler down in Central Park. I'm gonna use this race to simulate my race pace for the half marathon on Jan 24th. I'm aiming for a 8:30-8:45-ish pace. This reminds me of a VERY funny race pic of me from last year's edition of this race: (I'm saying "Get this over with!!!")

(The woman behind me says "Oh hai!")


  1. I was on the dreadmill yesterday for 70 minutes as well; pure torture.

    Good luck in the 5M. I've got an indoor tri at the end of the month, so that is my tune up race for the month.

  2. 70 minutes on the treadmill! Boring! I did 30 this morning and it really sucked. I add in a short "sprint" every 5 minutes (bump from 6.2mph to 7mph for 1 minute) to keep it interesting!


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