Friday, January 29, 2010

I make funny faces when I run

and I have knack for getting the absolute WORST yet FUNNIEST race pictures taken of me. Don't believe me? Lookie here! These are shots taken from last Sunday's Half Marathon.

(Grrr, i hate life?)

(I run with my head sideways?)

(Uh oh, something didn't taste right?)

(I'm whistling?!?!?)

Speaking of running. The weather has been winning over the past two days and sent me back onto the dreadmill. Wound up with 3 miles yesterday and 6 miles today. Yesterday we got some freak snowstorm that generated a lot worse weather than expected, and today it dropped down into the teens with high winds. Those conditions = NO OUTDOOR RUNNING. Boooo!!!

Sunday is looking like a MUCH better day for getting outside for a nice long run. Fingers crossed!


  1. what song were you whistling? hahahhahahha

    great pix? does anyone ever take good race pix? i dont think so. in all of mine, i look like im ready to either vomit or die? hahha

    have a great weekend!

  2. I always take the worse race photos also, especially when I know they are about to take them and I try and look cool!

  3. Hi Jon,
    I just was sent an e-mailed with pictures from Saturdays half marathon too! Don't feel bad, they have two pictures of me and in one of them my eyes are closed. The second picture is where I am crossing the finish line. I look like I am in pain:) Lovely:) I don't know if I will ever have a decent picture of me during a race. Hopefully it will be nice outside and you will get your run in. Have a great weekend Jon!

  4. oh yeah. I am notorious for bad race photos, it's embarrassing.

    What is up with this cold weather....again?!


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