Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what a torture session will do for ya!

I very rarely have bad days. There, I said it!

I had a bad day yesterday.

Don't feel sorry for me; this story has a happy ending! So bare with me....

I was having a slow day at work, yada yada yada, about to leave @ 5:30 when @ 3:30 the shit hits the fan at work. It was messy.

Stressed, I scrambled and got everything done with 20 mins to spare. It wasn't just the job, it was the dreading of the inevitable of what was to come for my final PT session with "The Elbow." It was on my mind all day and I didn't want to go through it, even though I knew it was not only going to be the best medicine, but by far the most painful.

6PM I am on the table @ PT and I wish I had my heart rate monitor on to record what I was about to go through. She starts on the top of my quads and they aren't too tight and it doesn't hurt. She is just using her forearm at this point.

Then it begins: She breaks out the elbow and goes straight for the jugular, aka, the bottom side of the quad. Can't put this into words other than I became this:

There was a guy on the table next to me who must have been startled and looked over. The PT quickly calmed his fears by explaining that I was "fine." HA!

She finished up my quads (OUCH!) and the other PT took over. He went to work on my right calf. Basically he took his fingers and massaged deeply right between the two calf muscles up to the back of the knee then pressed inwards and held. OUCH! After about three of those I was crawling up the table in shear agony.

I just wanted to go home and be like this:

I felt worse walking out of there than I came in. I went home and was passed out by 9PM.

Now for the happy ending to the story: Shear magic happened overnight and I was suddenly healed! I went for a painless swim at lunch and I had to remind myself of the soreness when I got back to work.

The hard part is over with. PHEW!


  1. Mna, that sounds tough, especially the calve thing! Glad it healed you!

  2. Oh little bro,
    I so feel your pain:) The good thing is that you do feel better now, right! You are so funny...great pictures, they made me smile:)

  3. I'm sorry, but with those photos I couldn't help but laugh.

    A good deep tissue 'massage' is always healing although it hurts like hell while you are going through it.

  4. Jon,
    Plymouth is like 5 minutes down the freeway from Maple Grove...your friend and I are practically neighbors:) Your right it is a small world!

  5. HAHA, sometimes the recovery is worse then the race!!


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