Monday, January 18, 2010

Base Week #1 in review with a "manly" celebration

I finished my first week of base training this morning with the 9 mile run in Central Park. So for the week, I followed my plan almost perfectly and wound up with a little extra for:
- 3 swims, 7250 yards total in 2:35:00
- 3 bikes, 70 miles total in 4:05:36
- 3 runs, 20.67 miles total in 3:16:47
9:57:23 total time. So almost 10 hours for the week. Phew!

Looking back on at my logs from last season, for a 10 hour week, this is one of my most balanced weeks in my short triathlon career in terms of time/distance spent S/B/R. So I'd say this is a good start to base training.

So I sorta celebrated tonight by slow cooking a pork butt for 6 hours:

And then bottled my Belgian Blond Ale into champagne bottles with real cork. Isn't this such a beautiful sight?!?!? 5 gallons worth of beer:


  1. Good morning Jon,
    Congrats on an awesome first week of training!! You did good kid!!

    Wow, the pork looks tasty! Who taught you how to cook?

    The beer does look beautiful...I just wish that I liked it. Bad experience a very long time ago has forced me not to drink beer:) The whole brewing beer thing it hard to do?

    Well, I have to get to work! Have a great day!!

  2. OMG, if you are not married, you are going to make the right woman very, very happy!! (Save me a beer).

  3. Jon -- thanks for the tip on the Garmin. I tried it and it has worked for a couple of runs now. If I could get this to be a permanent solution, I would be really happy!

  4. LOL, pork butt and beer. Manly indeed!

  5. The pork was delicious! Jon is a great cook. Just so long as he doesn't force me to eat the weird healthy stuff he has been recently making. (aka: kenwaa)But he says its good so I'll trust him on that. :)


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