Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I graduated to the elbow

Went in last night for another torture PT session. I should back up and say that last week she kept saying she was "being nice to me." Uh, what?

Last night she used her elbow.

Have you ever had your IT Band "roll" over? Here I am laying on my left side with the PT's elbow deep into the IT Band when she "rolls" it over and suddenly I am screaming bloody murder and flattened on my stomach on the bench in pure agony. Meanwhile she is laughing.

This happened 2 more times.

She kept asking me why I was so quiet. Cuz I am biting my tongue in pain!?!?! haha!

The good news is that I am much looser than a week ago. I can bend over and touch my toes now (a first). I need to do my alignment lunges more often and I need to continue to keep up with the foam roller.

I drank two beers after that session and I go in again for round #3 next week, same time, same elbow.


  1. I feel your pain.....
    Maybe some drugs before your meet-up with the elbow next week.

  2. That is rough. I am not sure I could handle that level of pain. Self-induced from training is one thing. Paying someone to dig that deep AND laugh? You are the man Jon...

  3. You'll be an alcoholic by month's end. I feel your pain.

  4. hahahha pain is good!!! good is pain??? (i dont know hahahhah)

    have u tried yoga yet????
    u can check out
    they have some good yoga videos. they are short but do the trick.
    but the best thing would be for you to go to an actual class, with an instructor. sooo much better!!

  5. Well at least you got to have two beers...


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