Sunday, January 17, 2010

9 miles of Central Park

For my final run before next weekend's half marathon, I headed down to Central Park for a 9 miler. We did once around the park with 2 extra upper loops around the top of the park for the hills. The hill really isn't that bad, its just that I have little experience on them. My first experience up there was during the NYC Triathlon and I didn't know that running in the clockwise direction that there was not one, but 2 good sized hills. That killed me that day, mentally.

Lesson learned that if you can, try to inspect the course prior to race day.

I ate 2 slices of toast, a bowl of cheerios, a banana and half a glass of OJ before this morning's run. I didn't need to Gu. But since the last 5K of a half marathon is (what I think) the hardest part of the run, I think with the same breakfast that I'll Gu it up at around mile 6 for the race next weekend.

This will only be my 3rd ever Half Marathon, so I am still feeling out this distance in terms of pacing, nutrition and hydration. I do feel ready for it and my knee is 100% better than 3 weeks ago. Thank you my pain loving physical therapist!


  1. Nice final long run! Sounds like you are all ready for next weekend.

  2. Jon,
    I am so flipping jealous that you get to run in Central Park!!! God, someday I will be able to experince that run myself!!

    I may be running in a half marathon next weekend too. It is not official....I will have to wait and see how I am feeling:) Part of me thinks that I am not ready and the other part of me thinks that I will be fine! It is mostly mental I think...knowing that I have never run that far yet.

    Hey, Have a great day:)

  3. Good luck with your race next week. I live in So Cal now but lived in NYC a long time. I miss running in Central Park.

  4. I ran 8.25 miles there the rain...with a head cold and a sore throat. I am an idiot. Harlem Hill isn't that bad (for me) if I stay in zone 2! ha!

    You are so right about checking out the course if you can. I plan on doing that before next month's run in Prospect Park and it's why I have rented a house on Newfound Lake the week before Mooseman.

    I'm still jealous you got outside on Saturday. I was stuck indoors because I had to take advantage of babysitting at the gym with hubby in Haiti.


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