Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"The Elbow", round 3; and what it takes to run a ProTour Team

Went to round 3 of PT last night. Hard to say whether last night hurt more or less than the other two times. I'd say last night was more consistent pain, whereas last week had more intense but shorter pain bursts (especially when she "rolled" my IT band). Regardless, my right quad felt like pudding by the end of it. What made it hurt even more was the fact that my muscles were just plain old sore from a race on Saturday and a couple of longer trainer sessions on Sunday and Monday. Even right now my right quad is tingling!

Some good news!!! I am back in alignment!


Since I got my start in endurance sports in road cycling when I was in high school, I have always followed pro cycling and keep up with it on a daily basis. I ran across this article this morning about the logistics behind the ProTour cycling team, Garmin-Transitions. To quote the article, these guys have available to them "....30,000 Clif bars, gels and blocks. On top of that, nearly 700 pounds of energy drink mix, 200 tubes of DZ Nuts chamois cream, 2,500 feed bags and 22,000 CamelBak bottles..."

Its like a supermarket for endurance athletes! How cool would it be to work in a support car for this team?!?!


  1. Hope the PT works for you.

    Now that is pretty cool!!

  2. How fat would I be working in a support car for this team?!

  3. I think I'd get sick of clif stuff by the end of the season!


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