Friday, January 8, 2010

'eve before first race of 2010

I really don't feel like I had an "off season." Since Timberman, I never took as long as a full week off and I didn't feel like I needed it. I never encountered any mental burnout so bad that I just wanted to do nothing. I guess that horrible run @ Timberman lit enough of a fire under my a$$ to keep going to prove to myself that I can in fact run a successful half marathon.

Well tomorrow morning is the start of it all and the start to the 2010 season. Its a 5 miler around Central Park in NYC. On the racing scale its probably a "D" level race for me, meaning I am not hanging my season on it and I am not burning any matches on it. So why do it? Well, it kicks off the 2010 racing season gets my head into the "racing" game. So I'd say this race is more of a mental thing than physical.

Since I did this race last year, I am going to try to repeat what I did (hold an 8:30 pace) and see how much easier (or harder!) it will be this year. Plus, an 8:30 pace is what I am hoping to hold for the Half Marathon later this month. So this race will also be some R&D.

Its gonna be cold, but there is the motivation to go fast! :)

When is your first race of the year (or 2nd or 3rd!)?


  1. Good luck, and dress in layers, it's gonna be cold.

  2. Good luck today, dont freeze anything off!

  3. good luck today ! hope you had a great race!


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