Thursday, January 7, 2010

I won the lottery!: NYC Half Marathon

I guess I got lucky because I was able to lottery into the NYC Half Marathon which is on March 21st.

The timing of this race couldn't be any better. Its 4 weeks out from New Orleans, and (if the knee plays nice) could be my 3rd half of the year.

Another good thing about doing this race will be the exposure of running with 10,000+ other runners. This will be a good warmup (with crowds) to the full NYC Marathon next November, which I am qualified for.

And so this completes my race schedule (for major races) for the year.

1/24: Manhattan Half
2/xx: still looking for a half, there are a few possibilities
3/21: NYC Half
4/18: New Orleans 70.3
6/6: Mooseman 70.3
8/22: Timberman 70.3
11/7: NYC Marathon

I said I wanted to improve my half marathon abilities this year, well, here I go!


  1. What a great schedule Jon. I am really stoked to see how your times improve over the season, but more specifically, I am predicting a PR at Timberman. Good luck!

  2. Congrats!! No short stuff for you this year. Very ambitious; you'll do great! Good luck with the knee. I'm starting to feel mine a bit lately.

  3. Congrats on the lotto win! That looks like a solid schedule. I'm excited to hear about all the races!

  4. Exciting news! Congrats!

    I hope to hear some news like this about the marathon in March!!! I registered on Christmas it will be my little Christmas miracle if I get in...

  5. Congrats!

    Great schedule too. You are going to have an awesome year!

    BTW - The pool here must the opposite of yours. It is always empty in the morning, but packed during the lunch hour when I go. Strange.

  6. Hi Jon,
    I just read the comment you left on Suzy's blog. Good luck on your 5 miler in Central Park....I would love to run through Central Park! I am so jealous and you are lucky! Also congrats on your big NY lotto win:)

  7. This schedule is bangin'! I am leaning towards entering the full NYC lottery but haven't decided on a fall racing schedule yet. But all I've heard are great, great, great things about it!


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