Tuesday, January 26, 2010

recoveryville and NYC Marathon, I AM IN!

I already feel about 50% better than yesterday. I had to go through some pretty painful workouts and stretching/foam rolling/icing to get to where I am now, but the first hard part is over with. I am not limping anymore!

Started with a swim @ lunch that turned into aqua jogging and kicking on my back with some stretching in the pool. Then last night I was on the trainer for 45 mins. No joke, my legs felt like they had never peddled a bike before. I was doing about 80 watts to start off and my legs could push no more. Eventually they opened up a bit, but I never got above 110 watts. More stretching/foam rolling/icing ensued.

Then this morning was just a runtarded morning. I didn't really "run" but rather "hobbled" about 4.18 miles in 42:31 for a mind blowing, record breaking, super speedy pace of 10:10 mins/mile. This run was exactly what I needed. It hurt a LOT but it broke up all of the crap in my legs and made me a lot more mobile. More stretching/foam rolling/icing ensued and I felt like a brand new person.

Unfortunately the hard part is yet to come. Tonight I visit "The Elbow." If you hear any screaming from the direction of Westchester County, NY, don't worry, its just me crying like a 5 year old.

Yesterday the registration for guaranteed entry into the 2010 NYC Marathon opened up. I promptly signed up and quickly received this:

So now its real. I am ACTUALLY going to run a marathon in 7 months time! Bring it!


  1. Very exciting!! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better tonight - good luck with the elbow!

  2. Wow, a marathon on top of everything else this season, you'll be busy when spring and summer come around!

  3. Hi little bro,
    So you signed up for the NYC Marathon...good for you! That is great news and it gives you something work on:) I am also going to see my version of your elbow, (Dani) but I am having a fluff massage! I need it to be gentle and relaxing this time:) Take care!

  4. Who the hell is Leonard? Congrats!

    Glad you are feeling better. I like 10:10, that is my comfy zone 2 pace, ahhhhhh.....

  5. Runtarded. You know I think I learn something from you about once a week. Great post.

    And yes, it will get better. All that crap breaks up and flushes and you will be speedy again.

  6. congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! very exciting!


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