Friday, January 22, 2010

when is your next event?

I am always curious to know when someone is doing their next big race, run, long ride or any kind of event, no matter how short or long it is. I am curious because I want to read about his/her experience once he/she finishes it, that way I can learn from you did. I like to look for: Was your preparation for the event enough? Did it pay off? Did something go wrong? Can you learn from it? Would you do this again?

I guess I think of it as gracious stealing?

I quickly learned during my first season of triathlon that being stuck in your own ways is only going to lead to hitting a wall. So I learned how to "swallow my pride" or "check my ego at the door" and started to listen to how others are accomplishing their endurance racing goals. Trust me, most of my equipment choices were not made from self discovery ;)

So when is your next event and what type of event is it? I look forward to reading about it!....even if it is months away.

I'll start: my next event is this Sunday, and it is the Manhattan Half Marathon.


  1. I have a jam pack month of May. I am not sure if I am doing anything before that. Maybe a bike event here or there. If you want to read about a tough race I had, the type that either makes you stronger or quit the sport all together.

  2. Hi little bro,
    I am running tomorrow's Frozen Half marathon and then my next half on is on February 14th!

    Jon, good luck on Sunday!! Be a rock star:)

  3. I have 1/2 marathon Feb 7 as a tune-up for the LA Marathon March 21. After that triathlons but not bigger than 1/2 distance....

  4. I am doing my first Ironman on May 1st in St. George. I am deep in the throws of training for it now. The next event this summer will be LOTOJA, a 206 mile one-day ride from Logan Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming with cut off times and everything.

    Should be fun.

  5. Late April is my first big race, also a half marathon. I'm looking forward to reading your report. I hope race day weather is perfect for ya!

  6. I am scheduled for a 10k in Feb and my 1st ever half marathon in March!

  7. I've got a marathon in early April (the Martian Marathon). Just did my first 20 miler for training today.

    Good luck this weekend!

  8. Bluff Creek Triathlon on May 23rd located just outside of Boone, IA. It looks like everyone is getting excited for the season to start!

  9. I've got mostly small tune up races between now and Mooseman (one per month). However, my next event is next Sunday, an indoor tri at Asphalt Green.


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