Monday, January 25, 2010

my legs are f-ed and Lake Placid!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes after my race yesterday. I REALLY appreciate it and I look forward to congratulating you on your future races!

So the downside to going hard, especially for almost 2 hours is that you are putting some SEVERE damage on the legs.

Waking up this morning was NOT exactly the most wonderful feeling ever.

So my laundry list of "hurts" goes as this:
- right calf feels "torn"
- i'm limping due to the ^above^
- both quads are laughing at me
- the hamstrings are surprisingly not hurting?@?@?
- the balls of my feet feel totally inflamed
- my right knee injury has popped its head back up to say "Oh Hai!"
- and my left shoulder hurts? wtf?

Fortunately I am heading back in to see "The Elbow" tomorrow night so that she can put me back together. Oh its gonna hurt like nothing I have ever experienced, but its hopefully going to speed up the recovery process 10 fold.

Yesterday's efforts were so worth it!

Then this morning signups to volunteer at Ironman Lake Placid opened up. I signed up and gave my three choices for volunteer slots: 2 changing tent shifts and a gear check in shift.

This will be my first Ironman anything experience, so it should be fun to watch and fun to help out. I chose the changing tent because that is where you see the athletes and their equipment and fuel choices for the race.
Then the volunteers get first dibs on registering to compete the following year. Should be a fun weekend!


  1. volunteering will be a great IM learning experience..take lots of notes then blog about it so we can all learn.

  2. Oh wow! That is a great idea to volunteer. I should do that. I have no interest in a full ironman next year, but I volunteered at some local stuff last year and it was fun.

    Misery loves company...if it makes you feel any better, I did 9+ miles yesterday and I feel like you and I certainly didn't run as hard or fast or long. Nonetheless, my calves were screaming this morning.

    good luck with 'the elbow'.

  3. take it easy and ice, ice, baby!~~

    and volunteering sounds fun!!! that will be a great experience!

  4. Oh Jon, I so know what you are talking about....I am feeling pretty rough today and actually yesterday too! My legs hurt soooo bad!!! I need to suck it up and not be such a baby:) I think it would be fun to be a volunteer!! Take care!

  5. EEEK!!! Looks like its time for ice ice and more ice, ouch

  6. Cant wait to hear about the volunteering, I think it will be a blast!


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