Thursday, January 28, 2010

tagged! my favorite 10....

BEERS! Gonna change it up a bit. Maria @ 2010 Brings Racine tagged me to list my 10 favorite things. Well, that is too broad so I am switching it up to my 10 favorite hoppy drinks.

#1 Saison Dupont
The best beer in the ENTIRE WORLD!

#2 Duvel
By far the foamiest beer in the world, and 8.5%

#3 Castelain Biere de Garde

#4 Hoegaarden
Best beer to eat while drinking pizza (you get that?!?!)

#5 Sam Adams
any flavor will do....

#6 Blue Moon
nuff said....

#7 Kronenbourg
Fueled two European summers of cyling, also known as the French wife beater beer

#8 Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale
Ring a glass with cinnamon, trust me!

#9 Ommegang Hennepin
Just go visit Cooperstown, NY

#10 Pilsner Urquell
The original. I mean, its named after the town of Pilsner.

Beer is my 2nd hobby. I like to brew it and I like the science of brewing it. Its very close to triathlon, in fact. You buy lots of expensive gear and you are constantly upgrading it.

What is your favorite brew?


  1. I agree with #5 Sam Adams.

    I use to brew my oen beer in college, sometimes we doubled or tripled the sugar, it was almost hard liqour when it was done. Only problem it takes too long to brew, well, for college kids.

  2. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer......

    hahhahah. beer is good!

  3. I love Hoegaarden. In fact and Weissbeir will do. Although, you have me intrigued with your #1 choice. I like the color on that one.

    We have a Belgian cafe that opened just up the block that has tons of beers; I like that place for obvious reasons.

    I had a boyfriend in college who used to brew his own India Pale Ales. Yum!

  4. Oh little bro,
    That is alot of beer there kiddo:) I wish that I liked beer but I think that my favorite stuff so far has been some honey flavored brew:) Have you ever made a batch of the honey brew? You could send me some and maybe I could like beer again! Have a great day Jon!

  5. I'm a big fan of Blue Moon - it is my indulgent beer (in both calories and cost). Yumm...

  6. I do not consider myself a beer fanatic, but I was happy to see that two of my favorites are on your list; Hoegarrten and Blue Moon. (Well Actually I love the entire Blue Moon family)

    great list

  7. Bug Brew - A great Czech Pilzner

  8. Nice list, way to switch it up! My girlfriend is doing the Old Chicago (Dont know if you have that in NY) beer tour of 110 beers so she's had a few off your list.


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