Sunday, January 24, 2010

Manhattan Half Marathon, race report, BIG PR!!!

The goal of this race was to break the 2 hour barrier that has plagued me over my last 3 attempts at the half marathon distance. I SMASHED it this morning with a time of 1:47:58, for an 8:15 pace. My prior PR was 2:00:10. So 12 mins faster?

Mile1: 8:39
Mile2: 8:28
Mile3: 8:08
Mile4: 8:19
Mile5: 8:11
Mile6: 8:04
Mile7: 8:00
Mile8: 8:09
Mile9: 7:22
Mile10: 7:58
Mile11: 8:04
Mile12: 7:55
Mile13: 8:59

I feel like the race wound up in 4 pieces, because my legs felt different 4 times. After a 1.5 mile warm up, the first 3 miles were basically shaking the rust off the legs. I wasn't too thrilled with my first 2 miles after seeing my splits and I thought that I was in for a VERY rough day. Fortunately by the time I got to the top of the hill at the top of the park my legs FINALLY loosened up and I went into autopilot mode until mile 8. I felt fine and I was comfortable.

After mile 8 I switched another gear and went into the pain fog. I knew it was going to hurt (and boy did it hurt!) and just trudged through it and it paid off. My splits started to decrease and the damage started. By the time I crested the top of the hill for the last time at the top of the park, my legs entered into the third stage of pain and I knew it was mental going forward. I realized that I was going to go under 2 hours, but now it was how FAR under 2 hours did I want to go. Well, I let my legs decide.

I held the pain until mile 12 and then another switch went off, which was just surviving to the finish. I felt fast still, but my 9 min split showed otherwise. It was ok, anything at this point was pure gravy.

The funniest part of the race occured around mile 12.5 when this older non runner type woman on the sidelines asked a runner in front of me in a thick NY accent, "What are you all running for?" The runner responded with simply, "Health." Woman: "Health?!?!? Oh gaaaawwwwd." That was enough to give me a chuckle and survive the final .6 miles. Yes, we endurance athletes are an intriguing bunch!

As for my race tactics: My breakfast was appropriate 2 hours before the gun time. Bowl of cheerios, two slices of toast with butter, banana, glass of OJ. I shot a Gu 15 mins before the gun, and took another @ mile 6.5. I got water 3 times on the course. For pacing, I started off slower (not that the legs would let me go any faster) and increased the pace until survival for the final 1.1 miles. My tactics paid off and I "get" this distance now. I would repeat these tactics again and with more and more running, I think I can bring my time down further.

Today was a SUCCESS!!!

For my post race meal, I turned back into a 5 year old and had PB&J on white bread with chocolate milk. Sooooo gooood!


  1. AWESOME JOB!!!! That is an amazing PR - the first on many to come this season I am guessing.

  2. Hi little bro,
    Gaaaawwwdd, I am so jealous of your awesome finishing time!! Congrats on the PR!!! Woo hoo!! After hearing what you ate prior to the race I am thinking that perhaps, I didn't eat enough. I had a little cup of yogurt and a half of a banana. Did you take any goo or fuel at any time in your half? I did not and am wondering if maybe I should of. Good for you little bro, I am so happy for you:) You rock!!

  3. Congrats! You worked hard and it paid off!! Enjoy it!

  4. congrats congrats! that is awesome!

    and ur sandwich and drink choice looks yummy!

  5. Awesome race, great race report too! You're starting the year off right.

  6. Great job on the race! HOLY PR! Looks like you don't need a pacer for Mooseman!

    PB&J plus chocolate milk=amazzzing recovery food!

  7. Fantastic!!! What a great job. Those are some great splits, well done!! Congrats on the huge PR!

  8. Wow, what a PR, congratulations on the big pay off from all the hard work. What an awesome season opener!

  9. Congratulations! Ur funny dude, i love it..


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