Saturday, January 16, 2010

Outdoor TT/new FTP test. PLEASED!!!

It hit 45 degrees today with sunny and windless conditions. Score! aka perfect time trial conditions :)

And boy did I take advantage of the conditions! I went out to Time Trial heaven and did an 8.5 mile TT to put up some solid #'s, especially for this time of season. I feel like I have redeemed myself from Wednesday night's FTP test.

I was SO HAPPY to get outside on the bike today, that I had to take a picture of my bike prior to doing battle:

*WARNING, I am about to totally NERD OUT!*
So the time trial was 8.5 miles, took me 22:39 for a speed average of 22.37 mph for an average wattage of 230 watts. MUCH better performance than Wednesday night. Subtract 5%, and my new FTP is 218.5 watts, which is in line with last year, but I am 7 pounds lighter (currently 158), which makes my power to weight ratio @ 3.05. So in reality, I am ahead of this time last year. SCORE!

So now to talk about reality. That power to weight ratio # is OK. Its not super great. But thats ok! It gives me something to work towards. According to this chart, I am at the middle-bottom of a CAT 4 cyclist. A goal that I would like to work towards in time for Timberman next August 22nd, is to lose 10 pounds and increase my FTP to the low 230's. That would bump me up into the low end of Cat 3. Its a goal!

8 months to lose 10 pounds? Is it possible? (hide the chocolate basket!)


  1. I've got two words for you and I mean them in the nicest way: you suck. We, in the midwest, are still buried under snow and in 20 degree weather, which is warm compared to the sub-zero shiznit last week! Congrats on taking advantage of the weather!

  2. Jon,
    Don't you know that men can loose 10 pounds in one week!!! Seriously I don't think that you will have any problem loosing weight with your motivation:) Do you have a chocolate basket? I have one stashed for PMS days:)

  3. Is that a dedicated bike trail? I NEED to know. I am desperately in search of as many bike routes as possible. Thanks!


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