Thursday, October 1, 2009

camping pictures!

My friend took some pictures while camping the other weekend. He used his iPhone and shot some amazing panos. They came out SWEEET!

Morning after a long drive. This spot was only 30 miles south of Lake Placid. It was COLD. Be happy the Ironman doesnt take place in early September!!!

We made land. Such a sweet camping spot. The lean to is behind can camp on that island if you don't mind high winds.

The lean to, before we inhabited it.

My friend Dave. Give him a toothpick, send him out in to the woods, and he will build you a shopping mall.

Me trying to start a fire using a bow and a stick. We got smoke, couldnt get a coal going. I did get a fire going with flint and steel.

Sunset on our first night out on the lake. The wind was LOUD that night.

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  1. I'm going to LP at the end of the month, guess it will be REALLY cold by then!


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