Friday, October 2, 2009

didnt realize how cold it was...

I did a big OOPS this morning. I thought it would be in the low 50's so I just wore my usual shorts and short sleaved jersey on my run this morning. I got outside, and yeah, it was cold(er) but not too bad.

I get running for my 3 miler, and I feel better. By mile 1 my hands are still cold and by the time I finish my hands are STILL cold. My body is warm though.

Get home, look on

41 degrees. YOWZA!

Time to break out the cold weather gear!

Had an excellent run. 25:50 for 3 miles or an 8:37 mile pace. My legs felt WONDERFUL!

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  1. This happened to me on Wednesday. I am not at all prepared for this fall weather!


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