Wednesday, October 7, 2009

back on the trainer

Seems these past two weeks have involved a lot of "back to the...." or "back in the...."

I guess that I am now in the post-Timberman period of my season and officially into the maintenance period of my season leading up to the start of next season.

I am reconfiguring my weekly workouts to get 4 runs in and leave room for 4 bikes if I can. Still only going to leave the swim @ 3/week. I doubt I will get in 4 bikes, but if I do, that's GREAT. If I don't, oh well, not that much of a biggie.

BUT!!! I HAVE TO RUN 4 TIMES A WEEK! If I want to redeem myself in the run @ Timberman, thats what I need to do. There was a thread on about "what sport would you do 4X a week". The common reply was your weakness. Well, my weakness is the run, and that is whyyyyyyyyyy, I am doing these races coming up:

Nov 8th, 10K down on Long Island
Jan 24th Manhatten Half Mary
Feb 7th, Bronx Half Mary

Those two Half Mary's will involve a lot R&D into how to race that distance rather than just finishing it, like in all three of my previous Half Mary's.


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