Friday, October 9, 2009

run, swim, and google spreadsheets

Went out for a 5K this morning and finished in 26:15 or an 8:28 pace. I wish I had my HRM on to determine how hard I was going. It felt like a steady effort and my legs are still feeling great. Im really enjoying running right pressure!

Then after work I jumped into the pool for 1250 yards. After a 3 x 100 warmup, I did an 850 yard time trial to figure out where the heck I am with my swim fitness. Finished in 15:00 flat for a 1:46 pace. Not bad I suppose. Something to improve on. I have really lost a lot of swim fitness since Timberman. It'll come back!

And finally!!!

I have recently discovered Google's spreadsheet (I am a HUGE spreadsheet junkie) that I can use through my Gmail. I am always looking at my training plan which is on an OpenOffice spreadsheet, but its a pain in the butt to modify it at either work or at home and then update in the opposite place. Now I have a spreadsheet in a centralized location that I can access anywhere I have internet.

Here is my current run schedule.

I am currently planning out next year and so far I have this.

Pretty soon my master training log is gonna wind up online as well. Talk about exposing yourself to the world! I have over a year's worth of EVERY swim, bike or run that I have done since August '08 when I really started tracking my progress. All of this is my type A personality shining through :)


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