Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homemade Uncrustables

So my Pampered Chef Cut N Seal finally arrived today. I didn't waste any time and bought bread on the way home from work.

After some experimentation I figured out a workable recipe that also matched EXACTLY the caloric amount of the store bought brand: 210 calories. It came out to be:

2 slices of white Wonder Bread (28 grams per slice, but you end up with 13 grams per slice after its cut)
1 Tbsp smooth peanut butter
1 Tbsp Jelly

I found that the unmixed PB & J makes it hard to assemble (i.e. the peanut butter slides off of the jelly, etc)

So I mixed it into a paste, which makes it a much more "workable" material.

Plopped the resulting 2 Tbsp's of material into the very center of the bread

Sandwiched it (don't spread the material out when you sandwich it)

Press down REALLY hard, and turn the lever

When you pull off the Cut N Seal, it should look like this:

And voila!

The first time I had a successful sandwich (below on the right), the top wasn't packed down and it was "loose" which I fear would break apart easily on a ride. It should look like on the left:

So I cut out a piece of carboard to go inside the Cut N Seal to add as some extra "packing".

Empy interior of Cut N Seal

Carboard inside Cut N Seal
4 sucessfull attempts, one mishap. The added cardboard worked perfectly!

Thinking about making bread pudding with the leftover crusts. I used some Pepperidge Farms white bread as worked, but I wish the bread was a bit bigger. Otherwise, as long as the slice of bread is larger than 3.5" squared, you can use a whole wheat or whatever you want. Im going with white bread cuz it digests easier for me while out riding, which is the purpose of these things.

I plopped each into its own ziplock bag and stuck em in the freezer. I'll find out tomorrow how well they froze.

We taste tested one, and honestly its the same taste and texture as the store bought brand.

Mission accomplished!!!

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  1. Looks yummy.

    If you end up with extra scraps, I bet it would make good bread crumbs if you dry it out and crush it.


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