Monday, October 12, 2009

lunchtime ride and good swim

Got out for a colder 18 mile ride @ lunch today. Just went easy.

And then after work I hopped into the pool for 1350 yards. This was a comeback type of swim, in that I was hitting some times that I was hitting pre-Timberman. I did:
300 WU
4 x 200 (3:21, 3:21, 3:17, 3:23)
2 x 100.....went easy
50 CD

So that 3:17 200 yarder....yeah, thats pretty good for me right now. I'm hoping to drop that back into the 3:15 range yet again. My super-swimmer-coworker has been out for a few days and I hope to get back into the pool with him again and have him whip my butt back into shape!

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  1. Nice to be able to ride at lunch, I'm jealous!


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