Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"are you ready for an ass kicking?"

My super-really-is-a-fish-swimmer-coworker is back and we hopped into the pool @ lunch today. He calls me before we leave and simply blurts out on the phone, "Are you ready for an ass kicking?" I asked what we should do, since my longest swim back has been a measly 1350 yards. He responded with, "How bout 9 x 300's?" I said, suuuuuuuuure, thinking I would go as long as I could until my arms die.

We finished 6 300's before we stopped with the distance. I finished the 6th in 5:17 for a 1:46 pace. I'll take it considering how bad my form in the pool still is. Still looking to drop that pace! We finished with 4 fast 50's. The last 12.5 yards on each felt like I was swimming through molasses. I was just dead!

Good swim and a reminder that I CAN get back to 3000 yards soon.


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